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Apr 3, 2008
edwards, ms
it seems like the memychickenmyfamily forum is a prayer chain, its wonderful members are praying for each other ....... maybe we should add a prayer forum

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i edited my post b/c i don't think cajun (or others) understood that iam suggestion one for this site
ok nevermind you're not hearing me,,, b/c i said the me mychickens my family forum is quicky becoming a prayer chain!! i'm suggesting such to preserve the forum,.. like how the buy sell forum turned into a everything but chickens so they sectioned it up ...... ok

i counted 6 pray request just on the first page today
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I agree. a Chicken forum doesn't need a prayer forum. I'm not saying that people can't ask for a prayer, it's just that we're a chicken forum.
just start a "Prayers post"... then everyone can go in there and post what they need prayers for. if the people who dont like prayers are against it. Who cares? lol, they dont HAVE to read it. unless someone holds a gun to their head and even then they can say no... in my opinion would be no different then the Sewing thread.. WII owners united thread.. etc, that thread would be basically Christians coming together and joining as a group. (if they choose).

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"This is a chicken forum". Standard answer to a very heartfelt question.

I am moderator at the largest Harley dedicated forum on the internet. I Moderate the RDD section. Religious Discussion and Debate.

Trust me on this. This chicken forum does not need a RDD section. They are more trouble than they are worth. This chicken forum could absorb a section jst for prayer requests and have it to be no trouble at all.

I suggest ( after several years of doing this and moderating the past 2 years) that people simply post their prayer request in the section that they have the most friends in.
We all tend to gravitate to specific sections and end up making friends there.

Post your request in the section where people know you.
Ignore those who make comments that are not productive.
NEVER start a RDD section on a chicken forum.

These thoughts come to you from a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
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