Prayers for Everyone.


11 Years
Dec 11, 2010
I just want to let you all know that I am praying for all of BYCer's on the East Coast and in the path of Irene. I pray all of you and your animals will be safe. God Bless you all.
Ok not to down play the hurricane or anything... But it should not be that bad. I guess the only reason why they have declared a SOE is because of all the people? We (here in NS) get hit at least once or twice a year by a hurricane. I am exitied for irine
We really have no idea how bad it is going to be. It wasn't supposed to be that bad back in 1996 when Fran ripped through North Carolina and we ended up with 4 Trees on the house and a bedroom filled with tree branches and a brand new sky view! Thee were 120 trees down in our yard and we did not have power for 16 days. There is not one single thing exciting for the people in the path of these wicked storms.

Good luck and prayers to everyone!
I think the whole "Prepare for the worst, hope for the best." approach is the way to go.
I am praying that this turns out to be alot of preparing for nothing.
I know my cousins on the island are a little freaked traffic is often congested and the two main bridges will be backed up for miles if they do decided to evacuate instead of ride out the storm whats making irene a little more difficult for them is the tides will be rising at the time irene is hitting which is going to make the storm surge that much more devastating for those who live in areas where the beaches and canals are. My one cousin already expects her home may get flooded since the canal is one block over from her house. I think its good people are taking the warning seriously though if they can evacuate safely i really hope they do. I just hope more people are level headed and help each other and not turn to looting and rioting that would be shameful in my honest opinion.

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