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    I turn to you, my BYC friends, for much sought after prayers for my DH and our marriage. God is Good in spite of our unlovely selves and I Trust in His Mercy.
    Our marriage has never been easy but the last few years have really been hard. Every time I think we are going to be O.K and get it all worked out ....... SIGH! My DH is going through some really rough and unlovely mental & emotional stuff right now. Oh, this is really bad. [​IMG] Anyhow, he has asked me for a divorce & I have said no. I will stand by my answer. The Lord is good and I asked of Him an explanion to a passage on marriage a few years back. It's taken awhile but I understand what has happened in this relationship. I tried to explain it to my DH, it does make perfect sense and holds true to His Word, but DH isn't buying it right now. A fundemental part of me has been set free & I will be O.K. no matter what happens with us. It still hurts. Thank you for your prayers. Trusting in the ONE who Holds it All.
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    Quote:Keeper, I will join you in prayers. It is in the Lord's hands. Mental health is such a hard thing to pray about though.
    May God give you daily blessings in your life to remind you of His presence.

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    Quote:My God. You could be my daughter. She is going through the exact same thing right now. Who ever said men were the stronger sex was not married to one. I will keep you in my prayers. I am grateful that she and you say the same thing above. That you will be okay.
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    Prayers and good vibes coming your way !!!! [​IMG]

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    [​IMG] and prayers for peace and strength being said and sent your way. Marriage is the next toughest 'job' next to parenting. [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] Praying that it turns out the way it should for you!
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    Be strong and have faith that the Lord will guide you through this, whatever happens.
  8. keeperofthehearth

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    Thank you all. Knowing that prayers are being said Lifts me up. [​IMG] My DH seems blinded by a lie & it is tearing him apart. He knows his Scripture. In fact, people are always asking him questions & he is known for his Biblical knowledge and understanding. [​IMG] In this case it seems His Word has no standing or at least has gone out the door of his reasonable mind. In this there seems to be no reasoning with him. I don't know why he would rather believe the LIE because I'm watching it destroy him. This is worse than watching him physically die which I thought would happen in 2002 when he received his liver transplant. God brought him through for a purpose and I'm sure it wasn't just for my sake. UGH! I can see the Scovies sitting in the sun under the pine right outside my window. They are soooo cute! Ahh, the critters God Blesses us with. They are a pain half the time and a joy the other half but so simple.
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    Prayers from Montana
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    Just thinking about you and wanted to send some more [​IMG] and prayers your way today.... [​IMG]

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