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A friend and co-worker of mine called work tonight to tell us that she is in labor. You see, the reason she needs your prayers is because her past history includes a miscarriage, a baby born at 20 weeks that lived for half an hour, and now this pregnancy, which is only 32 weeks along. I know 32 weeks is totally viable, but I also know she is totally freaking out right now considering she has already buried a child, and she is only 24! They are shipping her to a larger hospital via ambulance, as they have given her medications to stop the contractions and it has not worked. They need to be in a facility with a NICU in case baby Kynleigh wants to make an appearance today!

Anyways, please keep this little family in your thoughts and prayers, it would be most appreciated!
Prayers headed your way Terrah, for this little family.

My receptionist is at 32 weeks right now, I can't even imagine.

Becca is still having conrtactions 2 minutes apart. In the beginning of the pregnancy, it was deemed that her cervix was incapable of carrying the baby so they sutured it closed. The sutures are still in tact, and baby is still doing ok, but still having contractions. They are going to wait till later this morning and do an ultrasound and go from there.


Thanks for the positive thoughts and prayers, I will keep y'all updated!
Labor is scary anyway, then throw past tragedies in the mix, holy cow! Thankfully technology is so great that at 32 weeks, I'd hope this new baby will be fine. I've never heard of them suturing the cervix closed, wow! Guess that's one way to keep that little baby where it needs to be! Oh, I hope things go ok, how scary for her. Please give her our best!
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