prayers needed really bad!


My Girls
13 Years
Jun 11, 2009

my sister in law has taken off with her 1 year old son.
this is my husbands brothers wife. the whole family is devistated! we have no idea where she went. she cleaned out their bank account today. my brother in law is so upset. and concerned for his son.
my sister in law is on anti-depression meds. i feel sick to my stomach, what ever happens please pray for a safe outcome. no one knows her where abouts.
i am so sadded by this . she deleted most of us from her facebook. when i dont know. my husband did not find out all the details, if they were fighting etc.? i dont know. please pray.
How sad .. and scary.

Praying for the family .. and the safety of that young woman and little boy..

sister in law and baby are doing fine.
guess they are headed down the divorce street somewhere. anywho, glad atleast they are safe. dont know alot of what happened, but an affair from the brother in law was a key factor in her taking off.

thanks for your thoughts and prayers sent.
If the family doesn't think that the baby is safe with it's mother, you can report it to CPS. With the added stress of living outside of her home could make the depression worse. It is something to be aware about.
I did tell my husband, we can take the baby in for awhile till they can straighten things out. he was going to mention it to his brother.
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