prayers needed


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13 Years
Mar 19, 2009
My beloved SO and I were involved in a rollover automobile accident. He was killed instantly. I was unscathed. The trooper thinks he may have swerved to miss a deer. I was looking out the side window so I really didn't see what happened.

I am heartbroken and I can't seem to function at all. In the past I have given good advice for people in this situation, but so far I have been incapable of following any of it. John had significant health issues and knew I would lose him one day. But not now and not in this way. I am grateful for the fact that he didn't suffer, and that I was not the one who had to break the news to his 87 year old mother. But that is cold comfort. I miss him so much. Any and all prayers and good thoughts would be appreciated.


Rest in Peace 1980-2020
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8 Years
Jun 28, 2011
I'm so sorry

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