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Apr 6, 2009
kountze texas
My cousin and his wife have been. fostering a little boy for a year now. the parents were going to sign over parental rights so my cousin could adopt him . but they never did. they went to court last month anfd his parents never showed up so they have to go this morning. prayers that they get to keep him . we have all fallen in love with him.

UPDATE: paticks parents signed away their parenatal rights. the adoption will be final in 90 days. everyone is so happy.
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MY prayers and hopes are with you and cousins. I pray that God will use your cousins to show this little boy a real family. Not everyone can be a foster parent and I applaud those who can and who are willing to show thousands of children that someone loves them and is willing to fight for them. GOOD LUCK and will be praying for your family
I would think if the parents didn't even care enough to show up to court, whether to fight for their child or relinquish their rights, the courts would count them out. If it was my choice, I would charge them with neglect because not only are they not providing the care of the child, they are impeding the stability of the child's care.

Sorry to rant in your thread, but the system and parents like that just make me so angry. I will definitely keep your family in my prayers and I hope your cousin is able to adopt the little guy without much more trouble.
you can rant. his parents are both mentally off. they were feeding him hamburgers at 6 months old.he didn't even know what other foods were. they gve him back to the parents once just to take him away again. I think this is his parents last chance with the courts... he is so precious
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