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    Jul 3, 2007
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    So I gave my hens some prazidine (sp?) in their water this morning because I noticed some round worms in a poo. [​IMG] ( I blame it on the barn cats). So I was wondering how long I should toss their eggs for? One week? When should I re dose them? Do I have to? I give them DE, pumpkins seeds, garlic and ACV. I really don't like giving them this Prazidine- but I felt I had to make sure the job was getting done. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks guys.
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    Feb 6, 2007
    As you're finding out the natural method is not working for you in preventing your birds from developing an over load of worms. If you are seeing them in the feces then that means they've got a lot. I think geography and climate play a huge part in problems with parasites.

    I've had dogs most of my life, don't want to mention what our vet bills are annually. We've been in S. TN for two years now, I've encountered more problems with parasites in the dogs than I have during the 40 years I've had them. There is something about this area that makes it necessary for me to be more than normally diligent that all of my animals are on aggressive worming regimens and using the correct product for the parasites.

    Doesn't the bottle say two weeks for not consuming eggs? It also says to repeat every 30 days, most ignore that and reworm ten days after the first dose.
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    I have found that DE did not work very well when I first started using it....I realized that my chickens probably weren't getting enough since they free range and hardly eat any feed.

    I now give DE mixed with their treats (dinner left overs and such). I've had no problems since. ( my target dose is 1tsp/chicken--as you know getting each chicken a particular dose of DE is not I just have a goal)

    There is a thought that DE only works as a preventative and not well when overloaded with parasites...but for me....I repeat for ME...I double their dose of DE if there is any sign and then go back to preventive measures. Sign for me only comes up with new rescues or if I didn't order DE in time and run out ( I should just bite the bullet and buy 50#!).

    I also think (this is purely opinion and speculative) that by using DE in all their dusting areas and wherever my chickens HANG OUT (denoted by an abundance of feathers and poo), that it lowers the "natural background levels of parasites". I also give DE to EVERY animal including my cats and dogs.

    Robin is correct...every area has a different environment and different history meaning different "background parasite loads".

    If it were me at this point...finish your convetional treatment and then make sure everyone gets enough DE.

    THose who use conventional methods...I've heard that ACV can lower efficacy of certain drugs...I HAVE NO CLUE IF THIS IS TRUE- but the question should be at least asked.


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