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Hi Everyone,

I am so enjoying my ducks. I am afraid that I am going to either end up with 3 drakes and 1 hen or all drakes. I really want to have happy content ducks. So what will I do if I need to stay with 4 ducks total. I will need 3 hens and 1 drake. I already love them all but I will have to do something so they will not fight or over bread.

Enough of that, the reason I am on here is because I need a pre-fab duck house and am having trouble finding one that is sturdy and easy to clean. I thought I found one but it had terrible reviews. Anyone know of a really nice duck house for around $300 - $500.

I just bought this for my ducks.

I took out the roosts and so it is all one flat floor. I think four adult ducks would fit in there to sleep at night. I also added linoleum to the floor and tacked it down and put some better predator proof latches on it. I also painted it and added boiled linseed oil to the roof. It really needed it as the wood was really dry. Hope this helps!
No, it appears taller in the photo than in real life and the ramp isn't very steep. I guess you could remove the hinges and put them on the side so that the door opened sideways and stack some rocks or make steps if you were worried about it.
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I just bought a Keter brand 4x6 resin shed from a big box store that begins with M and has a NASCAR team for my 4 ducks. It cost me $260. I think it will work great, even in Minnesota so long as I brush the snow off the roof every now and then. I am putting it on a treated wood platform and hooking a secure run onto it. It comes with 2 vents but I am going to add a few more on per Amiga's advice. Good luck!
Here are some pics. Just put this together today in fact.

That is quite nice! often i find due to the size of ducks(exception being banty) pre-built coops are not large enough and it's much cheaper to buy shed kits. I could use one like you posted, several actually lol

One quicky add on- ventilation.. it will need more, i'd personally add some windows, i like my birds to get natural light.
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Thanks and not trying to hijack the thread but we have four ducklings - two Pekin and two Khaki Campbell. I am thinking this will work quite nicely for those four. I was even thinking about adding a 4x4 platform at the end opposite the human and duck door if I can figure out a way to add steps to the side or a ramp that's not too steep. That way they'd even have more room. I agree with your thoughts on the ventilation and window. I have an e-mail into the company. One other reviewer of the product on the store site said he contacted the shed maker and was able to buy additional vents and windows. Believe it or not, you can get a hole started with a box cutter in the side (with a lot of effort) and then use a hand saw from there to cut a new opening. The material seems flimsy when you take out of the box but once everything is assembled, it's quite sturdy and tight. I thought about wood sheds too and looked at those. My problem is I work at least 60 hours a week and I wanted something I could put up in an afternoon by myself so I could spend time with the kids - and ducks- instead.

Good luck.

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