Pre frostbite??


Dec 21, 2020
Help!!! I live in Northern NE and we had 2 days of sub zero with the windchill. Henri has a large comb and I worry she may have frostbite. I’ve attached a pic. She’s acting and eating normally and still is friendly asking for love. There is no swelling and she allows me to gently touch her comb without issue. Is there anything I can do to help her?I’m a new chicken mom and I love my girls!!!


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Yes, she does have some frostbite on the back of her comb. It is painful, so you don’t want to massage or rubbthe comb. You can get some hyrogel spray, such as Vetericyn, Theracyn or other brand wound spray, and treat it twice a day if you can bring her inside so that it doesn’t freeze. I don’t usually do anything for comb fostbite, but just let it heal on it’s own. Do not use vaseline or antibiotic ointment, since those will freeze. The comb may become more rounded off on the tips when it heals. Here is some reading about frostbite treatments:
Thank you for your guidance. I will keep a close eye on her. Since she is eating and drinking well and the other ladies aren’t pecking at her I guess it’s best to leave her in her normal routine. I just feel awful that I let this happen. I’ve already taken some additional precautions by wrapping 3 sides of their outdoor run in tarps to block the wind better. The coop doesn’t have any moisture so the heavy winds must have been the culprit. It has been 4 days since the windy exposure so hopefully it won’t get worse and is already on the mend. Thank you!

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