Pre mating behavoir?

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  1. so, I have 3 pigeons.


    Moon (middle)
    And Splash (far right)[​IMG]
    Well, anyways, today I saw Moon (suspected male) feeding Everest (suspected female). Is this normal behavoir? does it mean their mates? I know Everest is young (not exactly sure on age) and Moon older (not sure how much), but I thought it'd be until spring when/if we get sqaubs... soo.. Is this normal??
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    Nov 16, 2011
    east Tennessee
    Yes, normal. They often pair up early, even though they aren't ready to breed.
  3. Oooh, OK, thanks :) So I should still be waiting till srping for sqaubs?

    Maybe my 3rd pigeon will get lonely so I can get a new one... **evil laugh**
  4. fowlsessed

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    Nov 16, 2011
    east Tennessee
    LOL Yes, you should get a mate for the lone bird. I don't know how old they are, but generally by six - seven months they'll start breeding. Pigeons are known to breed through winter, you really don't want them doing that though 'cause if it gets to cold the squabs can freeze.
  5. Oh yes,here, the squabs would freeze. They'd have to be house pigeons, lol.

    Is there a way to tell genders? My guesses have been semi accorect but since I haven't seen any eggs or being bred I don't know for sure

    If its a female I know the guy I got the first 3 pigeons from has a male.

    If you think its a male, then I'd have to wait for a hen.

    Hey, we got plenty of space, lol. My parents might not agree with more then 1 tho [​IMG]
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    wow Alaska. I remember reading an article saying that pigeons were the only birds not needing heat in alaska.To answer your question, It can be hard to sex pigeons. Sometimes males have larger heads and fuller necks. But it depends on the breed. But if they are crossbreds than you cant really go by that all the time. Males puff up their neck ruff the feathers on their rump coo and do a dance. Hens like to bob thier head and fan out their tail. Its very femine. The males coo tends to be a coo-wack wack, whereas the hens is a short quiet coo.
  7. Ooh, OK, thanks. All I know is Moon always seem to be cooeing to either Everest or Splash, whereas 'the girls' just twitch waiting to hit your hand with their wing [​IMG]

    When you say 'not needing heat', do you mean non native or introduced or domesticeted or whatever species?
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    Nov 16, 2011
    east Tennessee
    Well, I think he's talking about domestic pigeons. But be aware that some species do need additional heat. And yes, the one that "talks" a lot is most likely your male, thief pouter mentioned hat the hens fan out their tails, keep in mind that the males do this too when courting the hen.
    BTW, My dad wants to move to alaska ( I hope it never happens). lol You guys aren't in the bush or anything like that right?
  9. No, we're in fairbanks. Its a good ol' town... we have 2 walmarts... 5 Mcdonalds (Actually i dont know, LOL), 2 fredmeyers, a close Chilis, a Carls Jr.

    But not Dairy Queen
    Stupid DQ people... [​IMG]

    OK, I'll keep a lookout, I'll be picking up her mate her soon, just need a dozen eggs (need a reason to go down to his house, LOL. Hes our neighbor)

    Have you ever seen Yukon men? Well, if you have, where Marty is at, hes only 20 miles from my friends house. Shes out of town but not in the bush or anything like that
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    When did Fairbanks get TWO walmarts? i lived there 2 years ago and there was only one. Why do they need two? haha. I loved Fairbanks, though. I wish i still lived there. Say hi to aurora for me :)

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