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    Sep 19, 2014
    I bought an incubator because the broody hens kept ejecting half incubated eggs. I had no experience with said device. This time when the hens squabbled and ejected a few eggs I gathered them up and put them in the bator. Of course I just HAD to fill in the empty egg places in the bator with some eggs which were newly laid. Then to top it all off I hopped on a plane to go to work and left my 24 year old son with an "Oh, by the way can you look after the incubator I've put some eggs in it, see you in a month". A week after I left I got the first phone call that an egg had hatched , and what was he supposed to do with the chick. He set it up in a brooder and added other chicks as they hatched. He now has a flock of 4 chicks of varying ages. The bator is counting at day 18, but one of the fresh eggs has pipped about 24 hrs ago, several days early in my estimation. He decided to help it along and removed a bit of shell. He said he saw blood and he can see a beak. I said to leave it be. An estimated quarter of the shell has been removed. It is cheeping some, but not a lot, and I dont reallly understand why it made a hole in the shell when it is not due for several days. It is summer here in Australia, and it is possible the egg was lying around for a day or more before I gathered it up and put it in the bator, but not that long. Any comments/suggestions? They are moggy eggs- mother is an Isa brown and dad is a gold laced wyandotte. It was more of a "Lets see if this thing works" kind of thing rather than a need to preserve an expensive line of poultry, but of course one has to deal with the consequences of these rash moments....

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