Precast Pier Block Foundation?

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  1. cluckinghen

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    Feb 21, 2012
    I'm in the planning phase (almost ready to build!) and am wondering about the foundation to my coop. I bought the precast pier blocks to put my elevated (2 feed of ground) 4'x4'x4' coop on. My neighbor came over and told me I should not use these and need to put concrete footings in the ground because it will tip over or the wind will blow the thing over.

    This coop is going to be quite heavy. Sided with Hardy board, double thickness of plywood and insulated. It's not going to be a light structure. So, what are your thoughts on this? My neighbor said he'd help with the footings, but it will probably be an extra $200-$300 depending on what we do for the run.
  2. yellowirenut

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    Aug 27, 2011
    New haven, IN
    I guess it all depends on the weather where u live. Do you normally get 20 plus winds?

    my first coop just sat on those pre cast deck supports for a year. I don't see how raising it two feet would make it top heavy enough to tumble over. If it was going to be on 4' stilts then i would be a bit more concerned.

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