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    First, sorry no pictures. I went to one of my coops and found a hand full of feathers, her gizzard and her entrails. nothing else. If's its a 'coon this is the first time I'm found any viscera. this hen was a freeranger but now I'm worried about the pens I found her remains next to. Live traps will be set, just looking for feedback about what I could be dealing with. Local predators I've dealt with... 'coons, 'possums, the occasional hawk or owl. we have heard that a bobcat has been travelling in the area. Do cats leave viscera? I've ruled out dog, too little was left.
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    My dogs when consuming chickens eat all. Leaving entrails is not much to go by. Size of bird lost might be informative.

    Consumption on sight most consistent with raccoons or oppossum. Neither can consume an entire bird in one sitting unless multiple animals involved. First line approach would be for raccoon and consider penned birds to be at risk. I like to use live traps when budget tight but now use an electrified perimeter of fencing that stops raccoons and opossums but can allow birds to pass during day.

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