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    Jan 15, 2007
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    A number of people have asked me, why can't you build a predator poof coop? After thinking about it, I guess you can. But the cost would be outrageous. Think about it, your house is not even predator proof, So why should your chicken coop be? Here is what I came up with for a predator proof coop. Find 1/2 " steel plate in the size of your coop, place this on the 2' cement floor. You will have to cut 1/4" slats where you want a window and put the glass on the inside. The door will need to be beveled like the door on a safe, opening out. Most likely you will need a good combination lock like those on a safe. (To keep the human predators out.) As you can see this type of a coop would be predator proof, but also put a BIG dent in your back account. You can only do so much to keep your criiters safe, as you would to keep your family safe. Believe it or not most chicken coops are as safe or safer than our houses. After that is in God's hands.
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    Well i am really trying to make ours predator proof. Dh is trenching about two feet around the run and will place the wire down deep.....we are also going to cover the coop with wire so nothing can come in from the top....If i know my husband he will have it pretty secure.

    Aren't these some things that can make a run/coop predator proof????

    Oh and i'm from Penryn.....isn't that just down the hill from you?[​IMG]
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    We all do the best we can to keep our critters safe. And yes, we are almost neighbors. I live on the American River canyon. If you remember the fire of about seven years ago, it stopped at my property line. A number of the people on this site are from around here.

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