Predators in my area


10 Years
Oct 1, 2009
Guthrie, MN
ive been living at my house for about 3and a half year
ive had birds here not 5 days less then ive lived here
mostly ive lost birds to my neighbors dogs problem is i can shoot them unless they are doing damage or about to do damage to my property or livestock so the 3 S's
neighbor dogs20 turkeys 5 guineas

my wife's dog that "ran away" i got sick of it wrecking everything
killed 5or6 chickens and a duck

the owls lol the owls i have a pair of great horned owls that nest about a mile away i have actually seen them take one of my ducks
i betting they took 2 of them before i decided that ducks that would not go in a shelter weren't gonna work at my place

i have skunks at my house every spring for about a month once things thaw but the terrier enjoys playing with "black and white striped cats" still haven't lost a bird to a skunk or a raccoon speaking of raccoon i have never seen one near by

but lose pets seem to be the biggest issue in my area i live in the c country and i can only see one of my neighbors houses and its almost a mile away across a field

But the roof goes on my new coop tomorrow so windows and doors and then its done
Despite the fact that I have just about every chicken predator there is, the only thing that has ever killed any have been neighbor's dogs.
There are no leash laws here, so it's extremely frustrating. The dogs do have to have rabies tags, so I did manage to get animal control to take a them away, but the owners just go and get more puppies.
We live in a rural area where the law permits a farmer ( ie anyone owning agricultural land) to shoot a trouble dog on sight. Now most landowners know the local dogs and would try to capture it first, but the law is clear on dogs worrying livestock. What this law does is make the owners very cautious about fences, kennels, runs and leashes. It's worth lobbying for such a law...

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