Predators What you will hear when there is danager of an attack by air

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    I also wanted to add if you listen to your chickens they will warn other chickens when a hawk is in the area. NO matter what breed of chicken you have from my observation they will turn their head as to point one eye to the sky and let out a long repeated squawk chickens will run like it is an air raid and ive only noticed the rooster making this noise and in game chicken the hen will also squawk the same warning. This is only valid during the day hours not night time.

    From experience of having chickens since 1995
    1. When a chicken has been eaten from the head first then inside of the body this is Predator= Barred/Screech/Spotted (OWLs) they will always land and the largest even spot in your tree line and are illegal to trap and or kill. Example if you cut a tree 1/3 of the way down from the top the owl will always pick that location to hunt from. Some purchase an Owl to help with other predators; however, by observations of an attempt to protect my fruit trees this has brought even more Owls to the area.
    2. Takes your chicken 100 yards from the kill location and eats everything except feathers Predators= coyote
    3. Kills at eats at the same location and sometimes will kill more than a dozen at one time probably a = Dog
    4. Missing chickens mysterious predator = several different types of Hawks including blue darter, red tail and swainson.
    5. I have had no experience with raccoons
    6. Missing small chicks and or eggs predator = snake
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    I have a family of crows living in the pines in the back of the house. I feed them daily. They have a specific vocalization when a hawk is in the area. The pigeons and chickens respond immediately and seek cover.
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    I've had experience with raccoons. They will kill and eat 1 or 2 birds where they find it, and leave a pile of feathers there. In my flock my cockerel and hens call alarms.

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