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  1. KY Norton

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    Nov 16, 2013
    Last night my flock went from 6 to 2; one is just fine the other will need some mediical treatment if she even makes it. Our coop has a 4 foot run with it; we even put the bottom of the fence 10 inches below ground and has sender block around the outside. This morning found two sender blocks moved away from the fence all of the eggs were gone didn't find a single one. 1 chicken was un harmed 1 in very bad shape 1 dead in the coop and the others gone. The roosting pole was broken; feeder turned over and feathers ever where. So sad to think I let my girls get injured and even die.
    We dint know for sure but think it must have been a fox. We have moved the un injured hen to the screenend in back porch of my house and my neighbor who is a vet is caring for my injured one; not sure she will make it has several broken toes and part if her beek missing. We have set live traps for the night; hope it comes back.
    Any suggestions on making my coop less likely to be attacked again?
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    Mar 14, 2013
    So sorry to hear about your chickens. Sounds like you need better fencing. I would look at the damaged fence line and see it they ripped open the wire or pried it away from the frame. You can also stake the cinder blocks.
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    Nov 27, 2012
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    My Coop
    Can you post a pic of how it got in?

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