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Apr 21, 2013
I have 3 pygmy goats, 2 does and 1 buck . Tilly (one of my does) was supposed to kid the end of July! And my other doe, Lilly, was supposed to kid August 13th-23rd! Still no kids! This is my first time having pregnant goats. I'm not sure what signs to look for? I don't miss the special event!!! I watch them very closely every day. Yesterday, Lilly (the white goat) had white mucus hanging from her. Today, she doesn't! I have some pictures of them I took today.

Side view. Her sides have sunken a lot this past week.

Rear view. You can see her udder is starting to show. Her ligaments I think are gone, but I'm not sure. Her tail has raised and it's sunken around were the ligaments are.

Top view.

Side view. Tilly's belly isn't very big, her sides aren't sunken, and her ligaments are still there, but they're soft.

Rear view. Her udder isn't showing very much. I'm starting to wonder if she is really pregnant?? My buck is in a separate pen next to hers. He's been making weird nosies, and sticking his tongue out out her?

Top view.
Lilly looks like she might be getting ready - Usually soft/vanished ligaments gives you about 24 hrs. Keep in mind that due dates are 145-155 days or approximately 5 months. It's not exactly a precise timing! Tilly doesn't look like she's prego to me though.
Thanks! I thought they were bred in March. So, they should have kidded by now! This is my first time with goats being pregnant! How do I know when they will kid and when they're ligaments are gone? Lilly holds her tail crooked a lot. It looks like it's barely attached to her body! When I feel her ligaments, my fingers can actually touch each other!
I can almost completely reach around her tail! Is her ligaments gone? They have been like this for a few days though? All she does is lay around.

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Tilly isn't Preggo.
Lilly is Preggo but I'd say she still has a bit to go. Maybe a week? Her udder should start filling in some more in the next few days.
I'd say around December breed Tilly. But, that's for Alaska weather. May is OK for baby goats to be born in. I don't know where your at but if its very hot I'd breed now and try to get her to give birth in the cooler months. If its fairly moderate - light - medium snow in winter, 80-90 in summer - I'd go with December.
Goats are little stinkers. We ran our ND (Nigerian dwarf) buck with our doe, and she was a complete stinker when it came to giving birth. Ended up giving birth at like 5 am and it was like -20 out. 1 of them didnt make it and she rejected the other. So 1 dead (not her fault, ours because we didnt give her selenium so the baby had white muscle disease), 1 bottle and 1 she nursed. Goats can be brats. Lol.

Did you go through the steps that the does need? Like giving them selenium and such? It's OK if you didnt - but we didnt either and one kid (out of 2 does, 6 kids) died. If you did then good. If you notice Lilly start to paw, get noisy (talk to babies), or have contractions stick around. But, of course, even if its her first time any issues going on are unlikely. We had a ND - breed known for having issues due to being small - first timer give birth and do everything fine. We even bred her a bit early.
Anywho, if you have any Qs I'd be happy to answer!
Thanks! I am from IL. Are you sure Tilly isn't pregnant? Lilly has been pawing for about 2 weeks. I have been watching them very closely! I've heard goats can let their milk down after they kid? If Tilly isn't pregnant I will probably will let her kid in the Spring.
No, I didn't give them Selenium. This is me and my goats' first time with kids! Does it look like Lilly's ligaments gone?
Thanks! I will post when she has them! It might be awhile though!

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