Pregnant rabbit or just grumpy?

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  1. PuppyBantamCochin

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    Apr 19, 2010
    On december 24, I took in 4 rabbits. 2 females & 2 males. I noticed almost right away that one of the females would growl if one of them males would start chasing her around. I've read that growling can mean the rabbit is pregnant. Now she'll growl at me if I try to grab her. Is she just ''mean'' or is she pregnant?
    (She was living with one of the males before we got her. It's been 18days and no babies, but I know it could take another 2weeks before she kindles.)

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! [​IMG]

  2. Bunnylady

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    Nov 27, 2009
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    Could be either one. I have known does that were just cranky, "don't mess with me" types, even when not pregnant. If you see her digging in one corner of the cage, pulling fur, or picking hay up and carrying it around, then yep, she's pregnant (or thinks she is, anyway!)
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    Depending on their age and regardless of growling, if she's been housed with a buck for more than a minute she's most likely pregnant. [​IMG] Hopefully the buck has been removed from her area for both of their safety. Being that she's so new to you and the surroundings, among other things, even if she is bred, growling at you can mean she's stressed or fearful and needs a little space to get used to you slowly and gently. The rabbits should be housed apart from each other. Stressed does, for any reason, do not have success with litters. I'd let her be as much as possible but I'd put a nest box in now (away from any corners she uses for a potty) in case she was bred before you got her, and just change out the bedding every couple of days or more often if she uses it as a litter box.
  4. PuppyBantamCochin

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    Apr 19, 2010
    thanks for the replies!
    She's been separated from the males about 2weeks now... She's sort of skittish, but I was kind of surprised at her behavior because the other female is pretty friendly and comes up to people. I guess we'll see in another 2weeks [​IMG]

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