PREMATURE HATCHING. Possible problems with yolk sack? NEED ADVICE.

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  1. QuizzicalQ

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    Jul 17, 2016
    While checking on a brooding hen today I found a chick whose egg had been broken open prematurely. My Mom and I took most of the shell and membrane off because a large portion of it had already been removed by whatever caused the egg to crack in the first place. The chick still has some of it's yolk sack attached and I thought it would be a bad idea to try and remove it before it was ready, however, the chick over the past two hours has been kicking at the yolk sack every now and then and seems to be in pain. I read on one post that there is a danger of the chick pulling out it's intestines. If that is true then is there a way I can help the chick not hurt its self without removing the yolk sack? Any other advice for a chick that hatches to early? Should I be feeding it water or gruel?

  2. shahchicks4299

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    Jun 23, 2016
    If you have an incubator, place him in there and hope for the best.

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