Premier electric fence

I used in last summer and it worked quite well. It allowed me to move the birds around some which I'm sure they appreciated.
It works real well as long as you respect its idiosyncrasies; if you don't, it will work poorly or not at all for you.

You need to mow real short where it's going to go, so it doesn't ground out, and KEEP it mowed (resetting the fence to mow is quite easy but you HAVE to do it before the grass grows up); it requires extra tieback posts to resist strong winds, and is useless in winter if you live somewhere with ice or snow storms; and you have to keep it well charged (installed correctly and tested regularly to detect/fix problems), requiring a somewhat stronger charger than you would need for a plain wire fence of the same length.

If that fits well with your needs, IMHO it is a great choice. If you want something year-round in a snowy climate or something that you can ignore for long periods of time, though, this ain't it.

Good luck, have ufn,


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