Preparing for hatch. Last minute (panic) questions.

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    Oct 3, 2010
    -I have an LG.
    -I now have a PC fan rigged so that I now have a forced air bator.
    -I have the LG thermometer.
    -I have a combo digital thermometer/hydrometer thingie.
    -I have one of the LG vents open. I have the entire incubator sitting on wooden play blocks.
    -I believe my bator is in a draft free location (corner of the kitchen where no one walks, beside the upright freezer - but 2+ feet separate the side of the freezer and the bator)
    -Fan is currently sitting towards the back of the bator but I intend to install at the roof this evening.
    -Ambient temp is at 70. Thermostat (programmable) on the house is set to 62 at night (I don't mind putting a blanket/towel around the bator at night if that is necessary. I know I don't want to touch my temp control knob on the bator because it is soooo touchy.

    I know my ultimate temp is 99.5.

    My questions all involve humidity. I know, the age old question with incubating!

    Initial questions:
    I believe I need my day 1-18 humidity to be 30-40%. Right?
    Lockdown humidity should be 50%-60%? Right?

    At present, my temps are stabilizing and right at about 100 right now. But my humidity is currently reading 52%.

    So now, how does one adjust humidity? My reservoirs are full of water. Less water lowers the humidity? More water raises the humidity? Is that how it works?

    I should be setting eggs Thursday or Friday, Saturday at the latest. Depends on when they get here. I know I need to set them to settle the air cell for 12-24 hours. I feel so much "smarter" this time around than I did with my first attempt to hatch eggs. Since I have money involved in these eggs (last ones were from my hen), I want to make sure everything is "just right".

    Thanks in advance everyone! I know you all will set me on the right track!

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    I usually shoot for around 58-60%. One of the LG experts could probably give you more specific answers. But if both your reservoirs are full and humidity is not high enough try adding a damp (clean) sponge. I use Sham-Wow type material in my Brinsea and can get the humidity up in the 80% range for ducks/geese.

    Good Luck. I know it is nerve-wracking, but less is more with incubating. Get your levels where you want them and then hands off. [​IMG]
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    -To help answer your question for the first 18 days you should have it more 50-55% so your in good shape with that if your's is at 52%.
    -When you are going to put them in lock down you should bump the humidity up to around 65%.

    -Finally humidity is based of the surface area exposed so if you are filling the trays that are provided you should be in good shape. It doesn't matter how deep the water is or anything like that just how much water is exposed to the air.

    Hope that helps you out and Good Luck!!!
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    Feb 10, 2011
    This is helpful info for me also as I am planning on setting some eggs tomorrow!
  5. I did both wet and dry hatches I have my best results with the humidity the OP has listed. But keep an eye on the air sacs they will tell you how much humidity you need or don't need!
    1-18 around 35%
    at lockdown 55%
    after the first pip 65%
    As others have stated and more wet surface to bring the humidity up.
    When I have to run my LG (I have 2 Hova's) it is had to keep the humidity up as high as I would like it during lock down. I have even shoved a warm wet paper towel down the vent to add humidity during lockdown so be prepared for that. But don't open it after lock down. MY LG does not stabalize like the Hova's do. Becareful wrapping a towel around it you don't want it to get up too high ok.
    Good luck. I just hatche 80% out of mine yesterday. Not bad considering how old it is. The Hova's usually do much better. They are both packed full atm. Gotta clean the LG and set some more.

  6. karmlacres

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    Oct 3, 2010
    But keep an eye on the air sacs they will tell you how much humidity you need or don't need!

    Oh now you're complicating things for me! haha I'm just teasing. What will I be looking for in the air sacs to know if more or less humidity is needed?​
  7. Hope this helps
    I never tilt the eggs like it says to in this article. If they are hard to see just hold the flash light at the top (larger end) of the egg where the air sac is located.
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    Feb 12, 2011
    Thomasville, NC
    with the lg do i put both red plugs in at lockdown or do i remove them... i am confused... thought the directions said to remove one to begin with then to remove the other one on lockdown day... thanks only hatched 2 sets of RIR in it last years... fixing to put silkies in and want the best possible hatch...
  9. Ok for me....... I leave the large hole without the fan under it plugged the entire time. (Unless I am shoving something down it to add humidity) For the other hole the one with the fan under it (I have a fan installed in mine because still air incubation stinks) I will leave it open day 1-18 but come lock down I tape half of it shut because I have a hard time keeping the humidity up. Now mind you I don't use the LG unless I really have to. RIght now both Havo's are stuffed full and I will be taking amost 50 eggs into lockdown in my 1588 on the 24th.
    Good luck with everyone's hatches.

  10. sassy72

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    Feb 12, 2011
    Thomasville, NC
    thanks SimplySplendidSilkies i have a fan in mine to and that is the hole i have left open. will try that and see what happens. thanks again.

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