Preparing to Battle: Mites

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    Darling son #2 just called and found a tiny red bug on the 10 week old BLRW hen. Obviously we have a mite problem. Coincidence that my new order of food grade D.E. just arrived in the mail today from Wolf Creek? I think not... (I must be psychic) [​IMG]

    Anyway, I'm thinking of using this process tomorrow a.m. Please advise your thoughts:
    1. As chickens exit coop, take them 1 at a time, and dust with a mix of DE and Sevin in panty hose puffer. (Or should I use the recently discussed garbage bag method where you immerse all but the head of the chicken into a bag to "coat" them like Shake-n-Bake?)
    2. Clean out coop of shavings. Apply D.E. and new shavings. Whitewash roost with DE mix. Sprinkle DE/Sevin in nestboxes.
    3. WD-40? Do I need to do their legs in this? Unsure.
    Your help is requested and appreciated.

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    You could use OFF (with DEET) on their legs, generally this is for scaley mites (as well as is the WD-40).

    The pour-on Ivermectin (and the generic stuff) works as a mite deterrent too. A few drops between the shoulders at the back of the neck would suffice.
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    Don't use WD-40 on the legs. It's toxic to the birds and right now you don't have any with scaley leg mites. If you do get scaley leg mites use a thick coat of vaseline.

    DE mixed with water (wash) won't work. Getting DE wet is no longer effective in killing bugs. Make a wash with the Sevin dust or get Sevin liquid and mix with water. It's a concentrate.

    NOTE DE is a preventative only. Once you have lice or mites you have to go with the big guns like Sevin and poultry dust.

    Deet is toxic also. It can cause seizures in people and if I must use it on myself I cover as little skin as possible an wash it off as soon as I can.

    Ivermectin is super. Get the pour on kind for cattle and put 4 drops on each bird. At the base of the neck, between the shoulders and make sure you get it on the skin and not the feathers. It will kill internal worms, mites and lice. I'm not sure about a withdrawl time for eggs. I posted that question yesterday and I'm still waiting for an answer.

    Good luck with your battle. I'm sure you'll win.[​IMG]
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