Prepper Project's Ultimate Chicken Tractor Review...And Completed in 24 hrs.

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    Feb 23, 2015
    First time poster here on BYC and just wanted to give you a run down on a chicken tractor project for my lovely girlzzz.

    A few months ago my wife and I decided we would like to add a German Shepherd puppy to the family. As we all know GSDs and chickens go together like oil & water, vodka & late night social media posts, east bound peeing in an west bound get it.

    Not only was I needing the tractor for chicken protection, I was looking forward to having one location for all the eggs being laid from our free range friends, aaand also not to mention revitalizing my yard and garden with high concentration of chickens in one spot.

    We needed a design that would house 5 birds and also be light enough to be able to move without any trouble. I searched for weeks and was unable to find a design that I was happy with for one reason or another. Then one day a youtube video from "The Prepper Project" popped up on my feed. It was called "$7 Chicken Tractor Plans & Blueprints". It was a 10 minute video of why their way of putting together a chicken tractor was better than anything else. In that 10 mins I was convinced and they pried the $7 out of my clinched fingers. (you can see that here...

    Admittedly, I am kind of a cheap-o and did not like paying for something that I feel I should have come up with on my own, but in hind sight I am sooo glad I did. First of all the list of exact parts needed was awesome and saved me hours walking up and down the isle at Home Depot looking for items that MIGHT work, only to return later and buy more stuff...

    Then Urgency. It was almost as if our new pup knew exactly what we were planning to do, because that next morning we found one of our birds had been attacked. With no time to spare I set to work building my new tractor. Following the photo and numbered instructions I did get hung up in a few places, but we can blame my lack of vision (and rushing...achemmm..not reading close enough) ...not really the fault of the plans.

    Anyway, I hustled this project along not really stopping for any breaks and had my new tractor completed within 24 hours. I am incredibly relieved it is done and it looks and functions great! It is so light even my wife can move the coop on her own if needed. The only difficulty was the rush put in. I kind of exhausted myself in the 90 degree February AZ heat, but glad I did.

    You can see my short "tour" of the completed pen here..

    So I guess if you are looking to build a tractor I would give a thumbs up to this design. Its definitely worth the consideration...

    Happy Clucking!
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