Prepping for first coop - what am I missing?


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My Coop
My Coop
I like the large door. "compromising structure" is a key consideration.

Why the canopy of the top? Shade? Stop rain?

In it's original setting, this coop was in heavy, natural shade. But when we moved to the new property we had to set it up on the only space we had available at all. So, since our summer weather is commonly 95F with 95% humidity we put up the cheap picnic fly for shade.

The design is quite weatherproof. Hurricane Florence dropped a branch on the original nestbox roof and damaged it, but the (then uninhabited), coop was bone dry inside a day or two after the storm.

My coop article is here:


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My Coop
My Coop
I'm thinking of stretching each side by 4". That will bring my square footage (excluding nesting boxes) to 14.44.
Per adoptabirdnetwork that would be solid space for 3 birds, and if i go with smaller hens I could do 4.
So far, Tractor Supply is looking to be almost my only place to get pullets. They have a minimum purchase of 4. If they end up with some more Bantam's in stock, I may go two of those, an Easter Egger and an ISA Brown.
Yes that would be fine for 3, maybe 4 (even standard size, since they're being raised together, in case you don't want bantam size eggs.)

Admittedly my first coop had to be modified within months of buying it because I ended up with 4 pullets (after having to replace a cockerel and then the replacement died in an accident, so 3 became 4) and it really could only hold 3. So even from the start my little coop needed modification, but on the good side, my birds did fine in it until the new, big coop came.


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Doors windows and paint, then I can start on the run.

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