Prescription drug rip-off !!!!

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8 Years
Apr 9, 2011
Any suggestions on getting around certain very high priced no generic available prescription drugs ?

Just thought I would ask.

I was laid off about a month ago and there went my health insurance......

can't afford $1,000 month cobra.....but also can't afford one prescription priced at the cheapest $545 for 30 pills.....ughhhhh.....

The other 2 prescriptions needed are only $10 and $4 a month because they come in generic....

.....go figure....

Contact your Doctor and see if they can help you with samples. Sometimes Drug Manufacturers will also help with costs.
Contact the drug company directly. They may have assistance for the drug. Astra-Zeneca has been the best for us.
Wonderful !!

I have 7 pills left so I called the DR's office this AM and nurse said the only samples they receive of that drug are 2MG and they happen to be out right now.... my dosage is 15MG so I would have to take at the very least 7 (2MG) a day....she said they usually don't get very many in at a time.....

She did suggest I contact the manufacturer directly......I thanked her for her suggestion...but thought to myself....why would a big pharmaceutical company even be remotely interested in helping lil 'ol me?

Thank You for confirming that it may be worth the effort to contact them. I will give it a try
YAY ....

Ya'll have given me hope ..... i know you'd come thru for me ....

Contact the manufacturer. They help tons of people every year. It's good for PR and employee morale.
I used to work in pharmaceuticals. Please don't go off your Abilify! My mother is on that and it has been life changing!
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