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Sep 24, 2019
Hello chicken friends,

First of all i'm sorry for my english but i'm "speaking" from Portugal so probably i'll give some mistakes...

I'm a mother of two girls, a dog, 2 cats, one guinea pig and i'm starting now to enter in chickens world so i'm trying to collect as much information as i can about them.

For now I have 2 bantam hens (one Barbu D'uncle and one sebright) and one rooster but i'm considering to raise the flock.

It started because i've bought a house with a backyard and the last owner raised pigeons so he left a sort of hennery built on the backyard.
Once the construction were pretty good we were sorry to throw it down and then the idea of populate it with some chicks has starten to grow...and my passion with chickens started very easily whith the aquisition of these 3 bantams.

I hope to learn much about this theme with you guys and I hope you don't mind having an intruder from across the ocean here.

Thank you in advance
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