President help needed!! Naming my chickens!!

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    Aug 16, 2008
    So towards the end of last year (I am thinking it was in October or November? I'd have to go through and check) I was blessed with five beautiful chickens from keljonma!

    What's this got to do with Presidents?!

    Well, all five chickerdoodles are named for Presidents and their wives! Courtesy of keljonma and her husband! I love it, think it is soooo cute and such an original idea, and I kept all five chickerdoodles names as they were.

    Polk is a black cochin roo. He is GORGEOUS. *note to self, get new pics* He's always FIRST to greet me when I get to the pens to open them up for the day. When I bend down to pick up feeders/waterers he's right in my face, will look me dead in the eye and say, "What'cha doin'?" I love it!

    Quincy is a blue frizzle cochin. He's the most shy out of the group, and likes to hide under the rabbit cage when I take out food/water and treats. Soon as he realizes there's treats, he races to me like he has to be first!

    Louisa is a blue Cochin. She's the "genteel" lady of the bunch, and doesn't like to get her feet (er feathers?) dirty. She has taken up residence in the brooder coop DH built inside the coop last year with the Mille Fleurs. She refuses..and I do mean refuses! to come out. She won't even hop off the roost except to eat or drink when I am putting the fresh food/water in for them.

    Monroe and Elizabeth are a pair of Cuckoo Marans. Monroe is quiet embarrassed right now because he has suffered this winter, and unfortunately has a frostbitten comb. I cried when I saw it. I've been putting Lanolin on his comb at keljonma's suggetion. He's also now in the brooder with Louisa and the Milles until his comb heals.

    Elizabeth is dominant, and commanding! She has a total "air" about her that clearly states anything we do for her, well it just isn't good enough! She knows what she wants, where she wants it, and when! The battle wages on with her, as she is insistent that she ONLY goes into the coop of her choosing and only when she chooses (or so she thinks!) lol

    Here's where I am needing help, I am sure I could google it, but, thought I'd just ask LOL
    Was Louisa President John Quincy Adam's wife or Polk's???? And if she was Quincy's, what was Polk's wife's name?

    I am asking because my DH has lamented that we do not have a Black Cochin Hen for Polk, so we have ordered 3 Black Cochin Pullets. At least ONE of these new girls (not arriving until end of February/March) will need the proper name!!
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    Quote:C'mon, get on board - name her Michelle.
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    Aug 16, 2008
    I googled it! Sarah was President Polk's wife's name. [​IMG]

    I have two other Black Cochin pullets to name, so I'll name one of them Michelle. [​IMG]

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