Pressure points on a chicken?


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Mar 9, 2009
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I tried this under managing your flock ... not getting any response ... so lets try here:

So I was tested for NPIP today and I was surprised by the way this vet handled my hens. They seemed to be jello in his hands. I asked him with surprise ... why did they seem so clam ... he replied that its many years and a lot of birds ... experience. Hummmm ... Not buying it ...

My theory is that he did some kind of voodoo on them?

Or, there are pressure points I just don't know, but I need to know!

Anyone have any ideas ... and would like to help me out here?



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Apr 24, 2009
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Well, I think if you add up all the vet's years, expertise, and if you take into account his mood, it all kind of ties in together. The energy you exude when you are holding an animal, ANY animal, they can feel that, and if you are tired, stressed, upset, the bird usually gets fidgety and tends to freak out. Is the vet, in your opinion, a person that just seems naturally calm? Some people are like that. I, however, am not one of them, lol, but a dear friend of mine is, and animals are naturally drawn to her and even the most high strung of animals calm down around her. She should have become a vet, instead she got into the mortgage industry, lol. However, she does practice Reiki on animals, and has been very successful. Just thought I would mention that about the vet though.

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