Pressure Treated wood?

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  1. kmdsparrow

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    May 10, 2010
    My DH built our new coop with pressure treated wood touching the ground. The rest is regular wood. I may be too particular, but when that wood gets wet won't those chemicals leach into the ground that my chickens are scratching around in and then in turn transfer to the organic eggs that I am so interested in eating?
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    With all of the regulations going on these days, pressure treated lumber is not the same as in the old days. My entire run is of pressure treated lumber, and I've seen NO ill effects. Many others use PT lumber as well for ground contact construction w/no problems [​IMG]
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    Apr 7, 2010
    Lowndes County Ga
    The only problem with today's pressure treated lumber is the nails you use to nail it up with ,, they must be either hot dipped galvinized , cadium plated or stainless steel ,, regular non coated nails will corrode completely away in less than a year . best to use 'deck nails' they are rated for the PT wood .

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