Preventing coccidiosis in Cots?


9 Years
Dec 10, 2010
Having just lost ~85% of a hatch as they reached the 5 week mark to a suspected coccidiosis outbreak, what can I do to help protect/prevent it again in the future? I have read that apple cider vinegar can help, but I am not sure how I feel about dosing with that every day (I don't even like dosing myself with it every day). I have also read that medicated chick starter isn't good for any future breeders.

I just had another hatch out of 32 birds this weekend, and would like to get this horse in front of the cart... What to do?

Get some Corid to put in your chicken first aid kit.

I don't use medications of any type until I see evidence of illness. When you notice chicks starting to act differently than usual, start them on Corid medicated water. Signs of coccidiosis include loose stools, not all strains of coccidia cause bloody stools, lethargy, huddling under the heat source, droopy looking wings, fluffed up feathers and sleeping a lot while other chicks run around and eat and play.
I did, and have treated what remains of the flock. I am now looking for advanced treatment, like the flu shot or other immunization for the up and coming birds.
It's ok to feed it to them for a while, like raising chicks on it. Don't eat the eggs or birds while their on the medicated feed. Flush them with regular feed for a couple weeks before you eat any of their eggs or meat.
There were in years past research articles posted on the subject. I've not been able to find any of them for the last couple years so I'd guess they were either retracted or science has disproven them. At any rate the sterility issue was only a concern in birds fed medicated feed for long periods of time. Bringing up chicks on it isn't going to cause you any problems. There are a lot of people out there who have to use medicated feed to get chicks raised without cocci (environmental conditions) and their birds are obviously reproducing or there would be way more people on here squawking about it. Honestly I've never seen any complaints on medicated feed from people who actually feed it.

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