Preventing Companion Parrots from Contracting Chicken Diseases/Parasites


6 Years
Apr 7, 2013
Indianapolis, IN
Does anyone have any tips for ensuring (as much as reasonably possible) that indoor companion birds, in this case an African Grey Parrot, don't contract diseases/parasites from a backyard flock?

There are several people on this thread who are more informed about parrots and other birds, and they may chime in. I would think just practicing good biosecurity measures like you would when visiting another farm with chickens would be good enough. Washing hands, changing clothes, shoes, and feeding utencils would be the main things, along with isolation for sick birds.
Thanks for the information. I actually am not a chicken keeper, but my folks are as of this spring, and I am returning home from my first cross country visit since they have had their flock. I am primarily concerned about shoes, since every pair I took with me has been in the chicken run, as everything else can be laundered. Any specific shoe cleaning guidelines?
I would use 10% bleach water or a strong mix of Lysol to clean the shoes. Also let them sit for a week after cleaning, and many of the germs will die off.
Lysol them or bleach solution spray them and let the sit in the sun for several days.

I am a veterinarian who happens to also be a biosecurity expert ;)

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