preventing respiratory infection

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Sep 20, 2017
Washington State
Our little rooster Peter came down with a respiratory infection. He appears to be recovering (knock on wood!) but we'd like to do everything we can to prevent our hens from catching whatever it was that he caught. Here's what we're already doing:

  • Brought Peter inside and will keep him at home until after his symptoms are gone. He is getting antibiotics and lots of nutritious treats.
  • Washing hands and changing or covering clothes that came in contact with Peter before going out to the coop to visit the rest of the flock
  • Feeding the hens garlic, ginger and parsley. I know garlic can affect the taste of the eggs but that's all right for now, if it helps keep them healthy. I am microplaning the garlic and ginger and mincing the parsley, and adding it all to their bedtime mash.
  • Added a sliced clove of garlic to their drinking water this morning
  • Watching hens for signs of infection; will isolated affected hens if they show symptoms
We are also doing the usual stuff like making sure the coop is well-ventilated but not too drafty. Is there anything else we should be doing?
I'll be watching this thread. This subject is intriguing.
Best wishes for a speedy recovery with Peter! :)
Sounds like your taking good care of your birds.
I'll be trying some of your techniques for prevention.

One of the things I like using for sick chickens is a combination of vitamin C, probiotics, electrolytes and digestive enzymes (administered via water). Good for the gut and immune system. I get it for pretty inexpensive (it ranges from $7-9 per pack. Each pack does 128 gal of water).
Thanks for the suggestion! We have a similar vitamin/electrolyte pack left over from when we first got our chickens as babies. Just need to do the math again to figure out how much to use for our waterer.

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