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May 17, 2014
Hello all,
We currently have Eight Adult Peafowl (of breeding age). Two black shoulder cocks four black shoulder hens, and two India Blue Cocks. We either hatched these or purchased them as chicks.
We also have seven chicks from this year's hatch. Mostly black shoulder but a couple of Indias.
In honestly we don't want to keep them all so want to sell at least one adult pair (Likely and India Blue Cock with a Black Shoulder Hen) and most of the chicks (they are at least a month to two old as we've had two hatches).
We live in south Texas and are just curious as to what would be a fair price on these. I am checking around and getting an idea but wonder what the forum thinks.
BTW, we free range our birds....not sure exactly how we are going to catch the adults but where there is a will there is a way.
Could someone(s) give me an idea of fair pricing? Thanks!


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Mar 10, 2019
Newly hatched peachicks are about $50 a piece, but if they're grown and you can tell what color they are they go for a LOT more. If it were me, I'd price the male at about $200-$250, and the female would be about $250-$300. Black shoulder peafowl are a lot more rare than the India blue, so they should be priced a little higher. I don't have too much experience with peafowl, but that sounds like a fair price to me.


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Oct 25, 2015
South Central Texas
I have a close friend who is a member here but not on very regularly, @bdfive that raises IB's, Silver pied, Whites, Black shoulder and Java, hatches lots of pea chicks. I'll give her a shout and she can give you some idea of what to charge ...who know's you may have bought some from her! :D were both in South Texas too!
I know she gets $50 for IB chicks and everything else is $100 for chicks.


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Jul 11, 2010
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I start selling my peachicks at 2 weeks old when I know they are eating/drinking well and playing. Only sell to those I feel know how to care for them properly or if not they pay attention to directions and ask questions. I NEVER SELL ONE PEACHICK! THEY NEED A COMPANION. I'm north of San Antonio, TX. My prices are $50 for India Blue, IB Pied & Black Shoulder $75, White, Silver Pied & Emerald Spalding (Java Green species) $100 each. They sell fast. I seldom sell ole girls and guys are growing old with me. (-:
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