Primary feathers of Brahma chickens are drooping. What do they indicate ?

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    Dear Members,

    Within last few weeks my Brahma chickens are showing a symptoms of some deficiency or disease.

    The primary feathers of Hens and few cockerels are drooping down.
    They are behaving as normal, eating fine, poop is hard and normal.

    Weather is hot in our region with average temperatures of 34 C.
    They have a good run to move around.
    I feed them organic feed (Mix of 13 different grains) plus added vitamin premix and toxin binder.

    Pictures are attached for your reference. Please guide me what this could be.





    Healthy feathers should look like the pic below

  2. Since it is Autumn it is time for the annual molt to kick in. Make sure your birds get high quality protein and by my calendar in about another 90 days or so they will all have a brand new set of feathers.

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