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    I have lots of scrap wood taking over our workshop, so I started making simple boxes with the small cut-offs. Most of the boxes are made from cedar scraps, though there is some pine, fir and/or redwood. The boxes are fairly "rough" since they are the cut-offs from other projects.

    I wood burned some chickens onto some of the boxes. I paint the chickens with acrylic paint, and then treat the boxes with at least 2 coats of Tung Oil. The boxes are sanded--but may still be rough is spots.

    All boxes are constructed differently to accomodate the random sizes of scraps. They are all nailed together with brad nails.

    Please reference the images for box sizes.

    I currently have five boxes for sale--prices include shipping within USA:

    1. Barred Rock #1 - $15 - cedar box
    2. Barred Rock #2 - $15 - I'm not sure, this may be redwood or cedar. The wood has some discoloration in the light parts of the wood, which is why it was rejected from the project--it looks like something happened in the growth rings. SOLD!
    3. Black Chickens - $10 - Cedar box. You can call these Black Australorps or Black Jersey Giants, I don't care. I have one Black Jersey Giant hen that I based the images on.
    4. Ugly Rooster - $10 - I started to make a RIR hen, but the head ended up too big, so I turned her into a Rooster, and then I hated it. I sanded it down a bit to vent some frustration. He's also in a weird place on the board. I gave up so he's the only bird on the box. I learned my lesson and started burning the birds before nailing the boxes together.
    5. Orpington - $10 - This is on some 1" thick Pine with a neat seam of heartwood. There is a bit of green paint leftover from the ends of the board or whatever the past project life was for this board. This is a smaller box and would be good for paper clips or something similar.

    I would use these boxes for plants, outside, desk organizers, etc. If used outside, expect the life of the box to be shortened; also drilling a hole in the bottom would be recommended. I gave one to my son to hold his crayons. If you want one for a child, let me know and I can make one that is sanded better and untreated with oil if you like, though Tung Oil is generally considered safe (unless you have nut allergies).

    I have plenty more scraps, if you want to request a breed or box size please PM.

    PM for purchase info (I prefer Paypal).

    I am open to trades for books (looking for: Free Range Chicken Gardens, poultry breed books, other chicken books), hatching eggs (of similar value, if one of my hens goes broody on time), etc.
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