Prior brood looking in on the newbies

Interest in young ducklings by older flock

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Jul 8, 2019
Purcellville Virginia
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My prior flock of 4 has dropped down to the house and met the 3 week old duckling group of 4 yesterday and the day before. The one younger Layer and a Cayuga have snapped at and gone after a duckling in the pool. I figured it to be a territorial thing. I separated all at once. I had not intended either of these meetings.

Today I noticed the larger ducks sitting next to the duckling brooder and laying on the porch, something they’ve never done before. So is this a good thing? Maybe just something different and of interest?
They are interested! Of course there will be some bullying the young upstarts have to learn their place in the flock. And there always the chance the tables will turn an the younger will go after the older too. It can be a real hoot around your place for a while. As long as no one is getting hurt let them work it out. What a sweet group!
I’ve been letting out the little ones to play and run. The older female Rouen gives them a head down charge all the time?? What’s odd is she seems to have been the one with the most interest and leads the other older ducks around. It’s very common for me to see all four of the older ducks sitting next to the ducklings in their brooder box outside. Like they are watching over them or keeping them company.
Once I let them out though the two females seem to want to run them over???
That’s normal behavior. They will eventually get use to them. My youngest 12 weeks and 4 months actually put their heads down an make the adult Runners get going the only one they don’t mess with is the Adult Runner drake. So probably soon the tables will be turned.
Is it safe to let them all together in the yard? Little ones are getting feathers now, 3 weeks maybe?

I’d like to move them to the basement on a tarplin with shavings and some kind of playpen walls but I think they need space to run and play. I don’t have a large enough fenced in area with enclosed/netted roof. I know there is safety in numbers and the big ducks free range all day. The cats do often watch over them. I find it funny. The kitties know the birds are part of the family.
I’ve crippled the fox and raccoon population here lately with lead poisoning and snares. Not what I wanted to do. I don’t like killing critters but I’m going to protect my feathered and fur babies at all costs. I had hoped my hunting days were over less Turkey & grouse season. I enjoy talking to my local turkeys and doubt I’d even pursue them anymore. They bring too much pleasure talking and visiting to be honest.
I have turkeys who roost less than 50 yards from my house & sometimes the two Toms come over and visit me in the yard.
So I can’t shoot them now!?! Been tryin to think how to protect them in fall season. Funny cause I’ll go turkey hunt in MD and PA later this year?? Silly huh?
Try them all together with supervision I kept mine in a small fenced in area till they were around 4 weeks old just let them be with my Muscovy not my Runners an Buffs mainly because I was worried about my Runner drake raping them. He was fine with them just made them get away from him an his girls. The more you can let them be together the quicker they will be accepted. You just have to be there to intervene if someone gets carried away.

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