Privett vs. Ideal for silkies, EE's

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by briteday, Jan 19, 2009.

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    I know I've been asking a lot of questions lately...hope you are all feeling patient!

    OK, ordering a small order of silkies (DD wants a couple of hens for pets) and EE's (we need some good colored egg production since we can't make eggs fast enough around here!) from MPC is going to be close to $100. I think that's a bit much for chicks, for me.

    So I called the two local feed stores here.

    One is very helpful and gets their chicks from Privett Hatchery, and they will request the color of silkies that I want, they come straight run. Of course I don't want roos but am willing to buy a few extra to make sure that DD gets one or two hens out of the deal, we'll re-home the roos, no problem. And the RIR's that I started with off craigslist this past Fall came from this feed store. They are pretty lightly colored for RIR's, and one is a bit broody, but in general they have been good birds. I am very happy with the egg production and birds in general. I've been told that I have the friendliest RIR's anyone has ever seen.

    The other feed store gets their chicks from Ideal. They (feed store) aren't too excited about anything to do with silkies, I can take what they get, if they even get silkies. But my neighbor who got their EE's at this feed store last year are getting great egg lays and are pretty happy. Although they are productive I think they are pretty ugly EE's for the most part. But egg production is important here as that's how DD is paying for the chicken fettish for the moment.

    So Privett or Ideal..opines on either one as far as silkies or EE's???
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    If you are going to order directly from the hatchery, I like Ideal. They are EASY to deal with and I have always been happy with what I got. Last year I called Ideal and told them the birds I wanted from them were offered by Privett for a lower price and were they willing to match the price. They said yes. You can get a LOT of birds for 100 dollars. EE's are $2.48 each for 1-24 birds and you can get what ever variety you want of Bantams and not get stuck with whatever the feed store orders.

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