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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by morlan75, Jun 25, 2010.

  1. morlan75

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    Jun 16, 2010
    Probably An Already Answered Question? But Me & my OH very new to keeping Ducks our 3 babies (Khaki Campbell's) are now just over 3 weeks old and enjoying full days out in their play pen and mini paddle pool with supervision lol!
    They are coming on leaps and bounds and growing sooooooo much literally overnight since we had them at 10 days old [​IMG]

    I do have a question that has been on my mind allot for all you Duck keepers out there if you can advise please? My 3 girls love the occasional fly that happens to be stupid enough to land near them! We are in the UK and this year have a great amout of bee's flying around... what do I do if one of my ducks decide's to take a munch on one? will the duck be okay or is there a possibilite that they may get stung in the mouth and if so how do I treat such a wound on a duck?

    This has been worrying me quite allot [​IMG] any advice would be much appreciated if the problem should occur.

    Many Thanks
  2. goosedragon

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    Mar 28, 2009
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    Quote:I can't say it won't happen, any thing may happen, but that duck bill snapping is fast and deadly before the insect has time to sting. We in the USA have a bee/wasp called yellowjackets that often nest underground. If my ducks find a underground nest they will gather and pick off the wasps as they enter and leave. I have seen two cases where the ducks were stung on the face. they burried their face in mud (Ducks love mud) and were in disconfort for a short time. I lnow of no mouth stings so I can't tell you how to treat one. Sorry I can't be of more help.
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    Oct 2, 2008
    Ducks eat bugs. If eating a bee or two was dangerous, I think all of my ducks would be dead by now.
  4. katharinad

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    I've never seen a duck get stung in their mouth, nor have I ever head of it. I start tot think they are either very fast or immune to it. I would not worry they know what they are doing or they will learn to avoid it.
    BTW at their age you are fine with a kiddie pool and some blocks to walk into it. Don't forget to put one inside so they can get out. I've stopped watching mine since they are two weeks old. The key is to have a block inside of the pool to give them a way of getting out. I also start with a 6" pool and go up from there. My 4 week old ones are now in a 16" deep pool.
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    Jun 16, 2010
    Thank you all for your advice [​IMG] It was just a thought really after one of my cats took a likeing to wasps [​IMG] and obviously that was dangerious, just woundered about the duck's and if it would be a major hazard. I'm probably being over protective to be honist they are my first 3 lol! I've got a big rock in there paddle pool and my BF has made them a like wooden walkway (I call it the duck board!) to get in and out of the pool [​IMG] Ive got them in a hamster play pen as they call them at the moment just to keep them safe and contained abit as we live on a large nature reserve so all manner of preditor is about especially at there age we've even got Red Kites here haveing the odd swoop around so they are watched all the time when they are out for now [​IMG]

    Thanks for the comments all!

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