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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by luvchicks8, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. luvchicks8

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    Jul 1, 2009
    new Hampshire
    I have 2 female muscovies and one mallard male will they cross breed? My muscovy drake and 2 female mallards were taken by a fox [​IMG]
  2. Denninmi

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    Jul 26, 2009
  3. luvchicks8

    luvchicks8 Chillin' With My Peeps

    Jul 1, 2009
    new Hampshire
    Thanks [​IMG]I feel bad that my poor mallard is alone now he kinda looks after the youngest members of the flock which is kinda cute though.
  4. Gotta Love the Drake

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    Aug 13, 2011
    Cloaked Romulan Warbird
    Yeah, they will crossbreed. The offspring are usually sterile.
  5. learycow

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    Apr 1, 2011
    Southern Maine
    Mallards and muscovies are quite different is size, so I'm going to guess that they wouldn't have success even if they tried to breed. But if they did, the offspring would be "mules", which means they will be sterile. That happens when a muscovy mates with any breed other than a muscovy.
    Are you looking for a muscovy drake? I have a bunch for sale right now. I am just trying to find them good homes. I am located in southern Maine, you can PM me if you are interested.
    I also have a bunch of female rouens. I know you said you have mallards, but rouens are very similar to mallards. They look almost the same, they are just larger. I am moving soon and need to rehome a bunch of my ducks. Unfortunately, the rouens are all going.
  6. birdboy508

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    Jul 21, 2011
    east taunton
    i think they can crossbreed.:cool

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