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    I have been using Probios in the water and the water container gets slimy and smells weird. I also use ACV and I know it's not from that, and I use regular old tap water and change it out at least once a day. So the Priobios is the only thing it could be. I want to keep using it but is this normal? Is there another way or another probiotic (not yogurt, which, so far, my chicks won't touch).
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  2. gale65

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    Are there other types of probiotic that might be better? For some reason I thought that there were quite a few that use this powder here... [​IMG]
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    Apr 3, 2010
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    We mix the powder form of Probios right into their feed and only put ACV in their water.
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    How much do you use in their feed?

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