Problem breeding behavior


9 Years
Apr 2, 2010
I have raised chickens for years, but know nothing about ducks.

My sister started raising ducks last year after her egg supplier decided to get rid of her ducks. My sister took some of those ducks, then bought more ducks and was given a 2 more, so now she has somewhere around 10 ducks.

She has 1 male pekin duck, the others are all female of assorted breeds.

My sister had noticed that one of the female ducks was being injured to the point of her skin being torn open from breeding. My sister ended up putting the male in an isolation pen.

Now when she lets the male out, he runs over to the flock of ducks, and all of the females, except for the 3 muscovies and the one that he injured, gather around him and start bobbing their heads. The one that was injured stays a distance away. It seems that when he notices that she is further away he runs at her, she starts running away and he chases her down until he catches her,

Why does he single her out? What can my sister do to stop the behavior?
Any suggestions?

Some people have asked my sister for fertile duck eggs, and she would like to be able to provide them.


6 Years
Jun 10, 2013
Northern Wisconsin
She could just be his favorite. If she gets along with the Scovies I would remove her and a Scovie or two for company. This can sometimes break the obsession he has with her and give her time to heal.

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