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    Sep 9, 2008
    So this is a really new problem, 3 days ago I forgot to put the little block infront of the pen door and it blew closed while I was at work and ended up locking them out of the pen and coop for a couple night time hours. I found them ontop of the pen all huddled together. Now the past 2 nights when I come home the same 2 girls are ontop of the pen and the other 2 are in the coop. Whats the deal? I cant see how one incident would cause them to stop going into the coop at night.. Normally they all go in the coop, and are on the roost for headcount, and I can shut the pen door.

    normally when I put them in the coop there was no problems but tonight all of them were making wierd sounds. they almost sounded like a flock of seagulls. I have never heard this sound come out of them before..
    Is something wrong? are they trying to warn me about an earthquake?

    ITs a full moon in California are they just crazy?? The were walking out of the coop into the pen and just seemed to want to walk around my feet in the pitch black. (its way overcast tonight) I have never seem them act like this before.

    They are about 38-40 weeks I think and they have been locked out before, but this time it seems they do it on purpose
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    You might want to check through the bedding to be sure there's not a mouse nested in there (because of the odd behavior), otherwise I'd just leave them locked in for a few days to get them back into the old routine.
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    maybe they like the top better, it is after all higher

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