Problem: Quail Spill Most of Their Food


10 Years
Oct 2, 2009
I have 30 Texas A&M quail who spill over half of their feed. They are raised on wire so any spilt food is unaccessible to them as it drops into the waste trays below. Currently using a chick feeder (vertical plastic jug that fills feed into trough with small cut-outs). Any advice is greatly appreciated.
I 3rd, the flat feeder!!!!!!!!!
They just eat the food and scratch on the wire. Also a sand/dust box will solve the second reason they waste food.

I have just started using old coffee cans the plastic ones. I cut holes in them about 1 and a half inces up from the bottom i make the holes big enough the birds can stick their heads in and eat. i am thinking about using these for the water as well so they dont get the poo in the water. save the lids so you can use them or your birds will jump in the coffe can and dust bath in the feed. depending on what brand of coffe i buy i can get 5 to 6 holes all the way around. keeps the feed nice and clean no poo in the feed at all.
I am going to try the flat trough feeders. Thanks for all of the advice.
Im using a rabbit feeder on my pens they wasted alot of food. i took some chicken wire and stuck it in the mouth of the feeder and the waste is next to nothing now

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