problem with chicks legs NOW WITH PICS

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11 Years
Feb 13, 2008
I have a 24 hour old bantam chick that can not stand.....his legs stick WAY OUT in front of him, like he is sitting on his bottom. he tried to stand and move, but just flops forward when he tries. he is realy weak, I tried to get him drink but he does not want to. His leg skin is now shriviling, so I think he is dehydrated. Should I give him more time, or should I Euth? he does not have spraddle leg or floppy toes. My camera battery is dead, so i cant take a picture tonight. Any ideas? Anyone?
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this is a fairly common occurance with chicks.
it's called splayed leg, or spraddle leg.
tho sometimes it can be caused by dislocated hip joints, or injury, usually from being piled on during shipping.

what bedding or material are you using in the brooder?
chicks need a non-slip non-skid surface such as deeply ribbed paper towels, or non-slip shelf liner (the rubbery kind..can be washed and reused).

here is a link to a picture that shows how to fix the splayed leg problem:
scroll down to 2nd pic.

if there is a way to divide the brooder, separate the chick temporarily, preferable with 1 other chick making sure they are kept at the proper temperature, with no draft.
put feed and water close by the chick..
using an eye dropper, do get some water into the chick asap by drops on beak.
do you have chick vitamins?
feed/livestock stores will have them, or online sources, such as McMurray Hatchery:

or toll free: 1-800-456-3280

you can also use Poly-vi-sol baby vitamins..(brand name Emfamil)
available at any pharmacy.
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thanks for the reply, I do have him on a pc of shelf liner, thinking it would give him more grip. his legs are the normal space apart, just sticking way out front
I have been giving him water, he does not seem interested at all in food, and he is now 36+ hours old. I guess I can try the band aid thing, I have done that before with chicks, this just seemed different. It does seem like dislocation. Can that happen in the egg, or while hatching? he came out like that..... he is also alone in the brooder, has been sine he popped out of the egg and I saw his problem. Like I said, I will get pics posted soon. Thanks for the reply,
Here are the pics, now remember, he is weak and his toes are shriveled looking.....but if I "stand" him up, he does put them down normal.

and from the front

see how they sort of stick out in front of the wings? Hmmmm.......
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He went to the Big Chicken Coop in the friend who is also my vet, put him down. He thought his legs were dislocated or at least growing from the wrong spot.
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