Problem with egg yolk.


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We have problem with some of our eggs, maybe one or two a week. I read that if the shell membrane that protects the egg from microbial and fungal infections is damaged or malformed and it get into the egg it will cause rot patches or whole rot. We get sometimes this problem with our eggs, they don't have foul smell nor they are stale, the eggs are very fresh. Our concern is if these eggs are safe to eat at all, can anyone give us an answer, please...........
Not 100% sure If Ill answer this correctly but here goes. If you are getting eggs-they have their shells intact-and you eat them quickly instead of letting them sit for weeks at a time, I don't think you have to worry at all about them going bad- no issues at all. I have torpedo eggs-eggs with extra calcium on them etc-If they are covered in feces and are just filfthy-then I might be concerned. For hatching, I dont use dirty eggs because as the eggs age the pores will open and the bacteria can and does get into the eggs-causing blood rings-ealry quitters etc... good???
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Are you saying that some of your eggs don't have the "bloom" coating on the outside? Or not much bloom on the outside?

If so, I have one chicken that lays an egg like that. Her eggs are fine to eat, I just don't store them for a long time. If I do, the water inside the egg will evaporate more quickly. It gets a larger air cell faster than a normal egg. They are fine eggs to eat when fresh, though.

Washing a dirty egg removes the bloom. I eat those right away, also. If I ever want to store some eggs longer and keep a few more stocked up, like going into the fall molting season, I store clean eggs, with a full bloom, unwashed.

If you are seeing some other type of problem with the egg, maybe you could describe it a little more. Sometimes people are surprised that a fresh egg has a cloudy white or has a meat spot in it. Those do not mean there is something wrong with the egg and the eggs are safe to eat.
Thank you WoodlandWoman and sonew123 for the answers. The problem with these eggs are not present from the outside appearance, the shells are intact, no pinholes, cracks, but only when you crack the shell, the egg yolks just breaks and cloudy in appearance with rot patches or even the whole yolk is no longer look like the natural yolk, like a rotten egg. The problem is something we cannot prevent at all it just surprise us to see such fresh egg unpalatable. It is the inside layer membrane that is damaged and we don't know why, maybe even the chicken does not know. We don't keep the eggs standing for a long time, and they are refrigerated or kept in 5 degree temperature if outside. Well we just have to cook them and eat them as long as they don't smell. Thanks again.

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