Problem with hatch???


11 Years
Aug 14, 2008
Semora NC
I candled my eggs last night and it looks like the air pocket is at the pointy end of each egg. Is this usual for guinea eggs? This is my first time hatching guineas. They all seem to be developing well I guess, as I can barely see through the eggs any more. They just look different from what I'm used to seeing from regular chicken eggs. Any help would be nice.
Air cells at the wrong end are rare in my hatches... that seems really odd that all of your eggs have that going on. They might have issues hatching, but they might do just fine. Nothing much you can do about it tho, 'cept wait and see how it goes. I'd be sure to lay them on their sides for hatching, don't stand them up in egg cartons. Good luck!
How long have they been cooking? Are they in trays with the big end up? Are these shipped eggs? I really never see this in my guineas and hatch about 50 every week.
Ok, I just turned and checked again because I thought that was just too odd for them to all be like that. Turns out I just didn't hold the light on the eggs right. It wasn't the air cell I was seeing, it was just space that hasn't filled up with keet I double checked the top and the air cell was there on each egg. I guess once I saw one I thought was wrong, I looket at the pointy end on the rest instead of actually checking the round end for the cells. What a rookie I am lol.
I looked at the pointy end too.

Good luck with the hatch!!!

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