Problem with hen not laying in nest box.

Mr chicken dude

10 Years
Nov 7, 2009
So we've been getting four eggs out of our6 hens every day....

But on Saturday the three eggs were in nest boxes but the one of the eggs was behind the ramp coming that we have coming out of the nesting boxes which is a little dark...So I am wondering what I can do to get her to lay in the nest box I hear that some hens feel protected laying in the dark....I'm not ready to run electric out to the coop or have a electrical cord strung across the yard...

So what can I do get her to lay in the nest boxes
What i would do is place some sort of barrier in the places your hen is laying on the ground. My americana does this and it doesnt bother me bit I find she likes to lay her eggs under things. Mabey it would also help to put a cover over your nesting boxes so she feels safe to lay there. These are my best guesses, good luck;).

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