problem with newly hatched chick

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    Nov 30, 2007
    I have a chick that hatched yesterday (I had to take it out of the shell) anyway it had been pipped for over 24 hours well the chick can't walk and keeps flipping over on its back I have given poly vi sol to the chick and made sure it has drunk water I put it in the brooder with all the other chicks but it wants to lay on its side with its legs straight if I put it on its belly and tuck its legs up under it it will lay there and go to sleep but just as soon as it tries to get up and walk it goes rolling over on its back am I fighting a losing battle with this chick? had another one that had crooked neck gave the poly vi sol and the chick is fine now up and running everywhere eating and drinking on its own. any suggestions. they were a late hatch and I think that might have someting to do with it. any advise would be greatly appreciated

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